Dai Trang Hoan

Đại Tràng Hoàn
Đại Tràng Hoàn
Đại Tràng Hoàn
Đại Tràng Hoàn
Đại Tràng Hoàn
Đại Tràng Hoàn
  • Bilular form
  • Box of 10 sachets - 4gr / pack


Treatment of chronic colitis, chronic diarrhea, stomachache, flatulence, indigestion.


  • Rhizoma Atratylodis macrocephalae         0,7gr
  • Radix Saussureae lappae                         0,23gr
  • Rhizoma Coptidis                                    0,12gr
  • Radix Glycyrrhizae                                  0,14gr
  • Poria                                                      0,47gr
  • Radix Codonopsis pilosulae                     0,23gr
  • Massa medicate fermentata                     0,23gr
  • Pericarpium Citri reticulatae perenne        0,47gr
  • Fructus Amomi                                       0,23gr
  • Fructus Mali                                           0,23gr
  • Rhizoma Dioscoreae persimilis               0,23gr
  • Semen Myristicae                                  0,47gr
  • Excipents:                                               q.s 4gr

Dosage - Usage:

Dosage & administration:

  • 2 packs/time – 3 times/day.
  • Use after the meal with cool boiled water.


Do not use for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children under 30 months.

Patients who have experienced epilepsy, convulsions due to high fever, diabetes.

Side Effects: 

  • There have been no reports of side effects.
  • Inform your doctor or pharmacist about side effects encountered when using the drug.

​​Pregnancy And Lactation:

Do not use for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Effects On Ability To Drive And Use Machines:

There are no effects on the ability to drive and use machines. 

Overdosage And Treatment:
There are no reports of overdosage. In case of overdose, monitor the patient carefully, and contact with doctors or pharmacist immediately to treat on time.