Can you use Cam xuyen huong for children?


Cough, fever, runny nose are common symptoms of colds and colds (common colds), which are also the manifestations of the body's beneficial reactions to protect themselves. , against pathogens.
When the weather changes, or it may be due to a certain reason that a child catches a cold, their resistance is weakened, leading to the appearance of cold symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, fussing, ... these are very common symptoms not only in young children but also in adults.

Cam Xuyen is a particularly effective medicine for the treatment of common colds and flu, with symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, cough, mild fever, headache, body aches and pains. The drug is used for both adults and children. In addition, depending on your health condition and the level of symptoms, your doctor may prescribe a number of other supportive medications, for example, if coughing is high, it is necessary to give additional cough medicine. runny nose, stuffy nose, you need to use more medicine to reduce respiratory secretion, anti-masonry, ... especially there are cases of mild cold but people with good health and resistance will not need to take medicine. can go back on its own after a fortnight. However, using Xuyen Xuyen Huong medicine for relief will help to get better faster.
Cam Xuyen Huong of Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is produced based on Good Manufacturing Practice standards according to GMP - WHO standards of the World Health Organization. The drug has been proved safe and effective in practice since 1974 until now. Because Cam Xuyen Camellia is manufactured from herbal herbs combined with the application of special dosage techniques, there are almost no unwanted side effects like other medicines.
When using the drug, it is necessary to follow the dosage for the ages indicated in the drug use instructions and instructions of the doctor or pharmacist.
Should children drink warm water, after taking the drug should snack a little hot porridge combined with reasonable rest will increase the effectiveness of treatment.
Note: With the usual treatment of coughs and fevers, doctors can still give patients outpatient treatment at home, however, attention should be paid to monitor the progress of the disease. If there are signs of suspicion of being infected with serious influenza viruses (avian influenza, swine flu ...) such as pneumonia, shortness of breath, cyanosis, etc., the child must be quickly taken to the hospital for treatment.

DS.Bùi Sy Thanh
According to Life Health Newspaper. No. 991 - December 2017