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 Quintessence – Tradition – Development – Future


Over 4,000 – year history of building and protection, form the ages of ancient civilization to date, traditional Vietnamese Medicine & Pharmacy are the conclusions and continuous development of medication recipes that passed down from generation to generation.

Vietnamese traditional medicine based on Eastern Medicine Along with the healing experience of the community of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, especially with the experience of using rich and diverse herbal resources stretching from the North to the South create a:

 "Quintessential" - "Traditional" - "growing day by day" - Traditional Vietnamese Medicine.

Nowadays,  in the context of increasing social development, with more and more advanced in science, the need for protecting human health is increasingly emphasized.

When health problems occur, people’s care is not only a cure for the disease they have but they also concern about the effect, safeness and leaving no side effects of the medicine.

Western Medicines recommended when it's the only choice to cure the disease because most Western Medicine is less or more harmful to the human body. Particularly toxic to the liver and kidneys. Moreover, the pharmaceutical market is very diverse, drugs indiscriminate using is harmful and cause long-lasting dangers to health.

According to statistics of The Vietnamese National Institute of Medicinal Materials, there are 5000 species of plant and fungi, 408 species of animals, 75 minerals can be used as medicinal materials. So why not take advantage of these rare resources?


TUE TINH - The progenitor of VietNam's pharmacy

Nowadays, research and development applied modern technological advancements are increasing significantly. That helps to bring more sources of natural medicinal materials into use. Especially mean to with chronic patients, because chronic disease needs long – term treatment so Eastern medicine is the safest treatment.